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Chaepter is the first name and stage name of Chicago-based music artist and multi-instrumentalist Chaepter Negro. Hailing from Central Illinois, Chaepter grew up in a large Catholic family with 8 other brothers and sisters. Beginning piano and cello lessons at age six, his interest in music was sparked young, and by 13 years old, Chaepter began writing his own songs, playing in bands, and learning to record and mix. Since then, he’s released various projects under different monikers and bands, and in 2019, he moved to Chicago to pursue music under his own name. In 2022, Chaepter released his debut album, a self-described “Midwest Gothic” called Kicking the Cat. A little over a year later, in November of 2023, Chaepter released 'The Moon Is an Emotional Island,' a haunting 4-track EP that draws inspiration from the soft and cognizant world of bedroom folk. As with most of his releases, TMIAEI makes apparent the ever-changing nature of Chaepter's sound, and the stark through line that connects them all. 

On March 15th of 2024, Chaepter released his sophomore full-length record, ‘Naked Era,’ to cassette and vinyl with the help of the Boston-based label Candlepin Records. The album was recorded in Jamdek Studios and Bimbom studios, and was mixed and mastered in the latter by Michael Mac. Upon release, Naked Era has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Pitchfork, and Post-Trash, to name a few. Chaepter is touring the record this spring, and will continue to tour it as much as possible over the next year, while simultaneously working on new albums.


“Chaepter’s attention to detail creates an entire world through sound, one that has the ability to pull us into our psyche and examine our own memories and emotions.” 

                                                                                                                                                  - New Noise


“On Naked Era, Chaepter runs a high voltage electric current through his arrangements, adding a huge sense of urgency…Naked Era is a record that will jangle your nerves in the best way and remind you that you are not alone, a familiar sensation and a welcome message in these times.” 

                                                                                                                                                   - Post-Trash


“Naked Era is a complete departure for the musician, which makes sense to me; this album is rock music made by somebody coming at it from an unusual angle, somebody who’s not getting too caught up in hitting the right beats and instead just playing what he feels.” 

                                                                                                                                                   - Rosy Overdrive

IMG_1404 (1).JPG

Naked Era

(released 3/15/24)


The Moon Is an Emotional Island

(released 12/09/23)


"Post-Touch" music video

Live performance at Beat Kitchen


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